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    Client Issues

    Contains most commonly-found errors related to the Client and how to resolve them.

    "gepard.dll" was not found!
    1. Download the missing file (gepard.dll) from the following link.
    2. Add your RagniteRo folder as an exception for your Antivirus and/or Firewall (recommended).
    3. Launch [​IMG]

    Can't read the description of some items
    1. Download the small patch (500Kb) from the lastest patch notes.
    2. Follow the instructions to install the small patch.
    3. Launch [​IMG]

    Can't change screen resolution
    1. Run the [​IMG] as Administrator, select the resolution.
    2. If previous step doesn't work, try running as Administrator [​IMG], select the resolution.
    3. Launch [​IMG]

    Can't move the Mouse outside the Client window
    1. Run the [​IMG] as Administrator.
    2. Go to the "RoExt" tab on the Setup, check the "Mouse Freedom" option.
    3. Launch [​IMG]

    Can't Extract the Full Client folder from the .rar // Corrupted .rar files
    1. Download an updated version of WinRAR. Old versions can't extract files +2Gb.
    2. Install the lastest version of WinRAR.
    3. Extract the content of the Full/Small Client.
    4. Launch [​IMG]
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