Bangungot Hospital [Port Malaya]

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    Bangungot Hospital is the third solo-Instance of the Port Malaya series, only a party leader can challenge Bangungot. Defeat the Demon and his hordes of minions as soon as possible before he revives himself.

    The demon Bangungot is the holder of the last two parts of the Malaya set, which can be upgraded with the Bayani Blessing quest.

    The party leader has a time limit of 1 hour to finish the instance, if he/she happens to log out or teleport out of the instance, the [​IMG] Return Ticket can be used to re-enter.


    1. Talk to the Bangungot Hospital NPC at the Main Room (High-Level Instances section).


    Bangungot Hospital NPC

    2. Talk to the Nurse Maenne next to the stairs and tell her you're there to dispel the curse of the hospital. The nurse will unlock the instance only if you are the party leader of a party and your base level is equal to or greater than 250.


    3. Talk with her again and enter to the Bangungot Hospital.

    Bangungot Hospital (Instance)

    4. Eliminate the monsters that torment patients. Bangungot will send his Mangkukulam to torment the patients who are in their beds. The Mangkukulam will appear in groups in each of the rooms, each followed by the previous one. When you have eliminated all the monsters, the portal of the passage to Bangungot's room will open.

    [​IMG] Name: Tinayak
    [​IMG] HP: 70,211
    [​IMG] Race: Demon - Element: Dark (Lv 2) - Size: Small

    [​IMG] Name: Mangkukulam
    [​IMG] HP: 120,154
    [​IMG] Race: Demon - Element: Neutral (Lv 2) - Size: Medium

    [​IMG] Name: Manananggal
    [​IMG] HP: 204,511
    [​IMG] Race: Demon - Element: Dark (Lv 2) - Size: Medium

    5. Eliminate Bangungot (2~3 Minutes). Several Bangungot's Mananaggal may spawn along with Bangungot. Any that you do not kill will remain in the room in subsequent iterations of this phase.

    [​IMG] Name: Bangungot
    [​IMG] HP: 15,097,580
    [​IMG] Race: Demon - Element: Dark (Lv 2) - Size: Medium

    Note: Bangungot will increase its speed and power when its HP is low. Be careful with the Lord of Vermilion and Level 2 Critical Wounds.

    6. Rescue one of the patients (2~3 Minutes). Bangungot feeds on the suffering of patients, Bangungot will become invulnerable and the only way to stop it will be to eliminate the monsters that are tormenting the patients.


    7. When this happens look in the various rooms for the monsters that are causing problems and eliminate them quickly, then Bangungot will lose its invulnerability and you can continue attacking it.

    [​IMG] Name: Bangungot (Aura)
    [​IMG] HP: Invulnerable

    [​IMG] Race: Demon - Element: Dark (Lv 2) - Size: Medium

    8. The Pillar of Spirit (1 Minute). When you have eliminated Bangungot, the monster Pillar of Spirit will appear. It is about the spirit of the old tree that was cut to build the hospital and this is the true form of Bangungot that must be appeased. The Pillar of Spirit has 250 HP and the attacks it receives will cause 1 damage. Try to attack as fast as possible, otherwise Bangungot will recover its strength and you will have to eliminate it again.

    9. When you have eliminated and appeased Bangungot, the portal will open to the first floor. Go back and talk to Nurse Maenne at the hospital entrance to end this quest.

    [​IMG] Name: Pillar of Spirit (Bangungot)
    [​IMG] HP: 250 (Plant type)
    [​IMG] Race: Demon - Element: Dark (Lv 2) - Size: Medium
    [​IMG] Bangungot Doll - 30% Item Drop
    [​IMG] Piece of Buwaya's Spirit - 30% Item Drop
    [​IMG] Ancient Grudge - 100% Item Drop
    [​IMG] Ancient Grudge - 20% Item Drop
    [​IMG] Bangungot Boots of Nightmare [0] - 100% Equip Drop
    [​IMG] Kalasag [0] - 40% Equip Drop
    [​IMG] Bangungot Card - 3.00% MvP Card Drop

    Note: Bangungot Boots of Nightmare and Kalasag can be upgraded by completing the Bayani Blessing Quest.
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