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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Adhara, Mar 22, 2020.

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    Hi all!

    When I was working on my server, I had in mind to implement a system thanks to the which, each MvP not only drops their normal cards, but also a "fake card" at a higher chance. Fake cards have the same bonuses normal mvp cards have, but with lower %.

    Es: Fake Tao Gunka card:
    Maximum HP + 50%
    DEF - 25, MDEF - 25.

    Along with a "fake card", MvPs would also drop a "fragment of card" at a low chance (like 8 or 10%). Once you collect 10 of them, a specific npc allows you to trade them for a real mvp card.

    It would also be cool to have another npc which where you can trade 3 mvp cards for a random one.

    I think this system would help new people get a decent equipment and reduce the gap between full equipped ones. If you get 3 fake Kiel cards, you'd have 45% of delay reduction, which is still better than 0. This system doesn't ruin the gameplay but adds more dynamism and also enhances the economy.

    It is necessary, in my opinion, to always give the player the sensation of "having something" rather than having nothing and feeling depressed about the time it will take to get full equipped.

    Lastly, this system should come with a gold sprite for the normal MvP cards while the original sprite shall be used for the fake ones. This to emphasize the joy of having a normal and strong card!
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    Hello @Adhara,

    We've carefully analyzed the suggestion of sealed cards (half effect cards) in conjuction with the current shortened respawn times for most MvPs and the value of certain 'critical' for the job classes.

    The current Sealed card system is implemented in Endless Tower, all the 'sealed' MvPs are stronger and have an improved AI designed to represent a challenge against a party, all the sealed MvPs have a change to drop a Sealed Card Album which contains a Random Sealed MvP card. These cards emphasizes the original secundary effect of the MvPs cards, for example: the Sealed Stormy Knight card have a higher change to autocast Storm Gust while attacking but it has a lower freeze change to freeze an opponent with each attack.

    Nevertheless, we understand the idea that some Job classes require rare cards like Kiel D-01 Card to create an average build. The Sealed Kiel D-01 Card will be added as drop to the Kiel D-01 MvP of Kiel Dungeon with its corresponding reduced effect in Patch 1.25, this way new players can have access to both version of the Kiel D-01 card without depreciating the value of the original Kiel card.
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