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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Adhara, Mar 15, 2020.

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    First of all, I would like you to know that I totally fell in love with RagniteRO, which is why I'm writing these suggestions.

    As far as I've noticed, there are many cool features implemented, but as a new player, I must admit that I felt a little bit lost at the beginning. I did check the forum and asked people for information, but I think a little re-organisation of how those features are proposed to the new comers would be good.

    1. I would suggest to re-organise the main room, which I find to be too large and confusing. This server really has many features but it's easy, sometimes, to feel a little bit lost. This is why I think that a more direct way to meet all the RagniteRO features would increase the quality of its image. I was about to write down a long pamphlet, but I wanted to save you so... if you're willing to listen to what have in mind, let me know and we can chat on discord!
    2. Create a custom rental adventure set which lasts 7 days and contains a hat (a RagniteRO logo would be awesome to see), an armor (non slotted, +50% hp), a shield (non slotted, reduces damage from all monsters by 50%), a pair of shoes (enable fast movement) and a weapon which boosts the aspd and that everyone can use. These items should be restricted to normal areas only (not pvp rooms or woe zones) and, in my opinion, should be character bounded. Along with it, should come 3 manuals (300%). I think this would help newbies like me when it comes to level up a new character and maybe get some decent equipment
    3. Implement @go mall (main room)
    4. Create a RagniteRO Wiki page, so it's easier - especially for those who are wondering whether to join the server or not - to know how awesome it is!
    5. I noticed the client only allows you to click within a range of 16 cells. Can we make it to 25, 30? or can we disable this option? It's really frustrating to click without any response

    And another important thing:

    As an european player, I'm experiencing too much latency because of the host location. Would it be possible to get a proxy for Europe? So that the ping doesn't create any problem. I know many players who, before joining the server, check its ping as they mainly focus on pvp. This perhaps could be a "feature" you can use to attract people!
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    Hello @Adhara, welcome to the community of RagniteRO!

    All the suggestions are really interesting, we have to analyze each suggestion to determine the time needed and the viability to implement them:

    1. Accepted. A voting topic will be created to present to the community different Main Rooms, the most voted option will be implement as the new Main Room. This way everyone can contribute with ideas or suggestions to create a more friendly enviroment to new players.
    2. Edit March 23: Considering the current systems available, this suggestion can be partially implemented in the rework of the Introductory Quest: Adventure Pack! and the rework to the Guild Pack.
      The rework to the Adventure pack will add the following characteristics:
      • Level 1 Weapon (Random enchanted): This way new players will be introduced to the random enchant system of low level weapon.
      • Mercenary System: Mercenaries are companions that can attack and defend their master, this way players will be introduced to the system and they can level up faster with their new friend!
      • Cash System: Contains some supplies to support new players in their adventure.
      • Progressive Beginner's pack: A special box that contains new rewards but requires a Base level equal or higher than specified (Level 1 - Level 70 - Level 110 - Level 150).
      • Total amount of Battle Manuals have been increased. Beginner's pack contains Battle manuals.
      • Beginner's pack items are account items, characters in the same account can share these items through the storage.
    3. Accepted. The new commands were implemented in Patch 1.24 Notes.
    4. A Wiki page will be implemented in the future, due to the time required for an implementation of this scale, other suggestions will be prioritized.
    5. The walk path range of 15 cells is the official ranged used in kRO. An increase on this range would affect players and monsters, when this range is higher than 15 cells, monsters/MvPs can bug through corners/walls.
    6. This feature has been considered as an add-on to the client, it will be implemented in the future but it requires to create a new client version to integrate the proxy for EU. We'll release a "clear" version of the map textures to simplify the graphics in the next weeks, this will help european players while we work in the client/proxy.
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