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    The AI can be customized with AzzyAIConfig.exe (C:\RagniteRo \ AI \ USER AI). [​IMG]
    • After making any changes to the configuration, type /hoai in game so that your Homunculus' behavior follows the customized AI.
    • Putting the Homunculus to Rest [​IMG] and summoning it again (Call Homunculus [​IMG] ) also works to apply any changes you've made to its AI configuration.
    Alternatively, you can download a preconfigured aggressive AI and replace the AI folder of your client.

    Basic options:

    This is the basic configurations of Homunculus, where you determine when it should go aggro, whether it should use skills or not, how many monsters it should tank before it does something else (such as use an AoE skill), and so forth.

    Pay attention to Old Homun Type option and be sure to set it to the appropriate Homunculus that you are currently using, to prevent odd behavior and to ensure your Homunculus uses its skills.

    Whether your Homunculus has learned its attack skill or not, generally it's better to set Use Attack Skill to True.

    If you feel like your Homunculus is attacking too slowly, set Use Dance Attack to True. Otherwise set it to False so that your Homunculus would stand in one spot while attacking, thus allowing it to regenerate SP easier.

    Standby / Walk / Follow Options:

    Here you can configure how your Homunculus moves around relative to you and to enemies. You can also determine whether your Homunculus sits with you when you sit, or have it patrol around you instead.

    Homunculus behavior:

    This is where you configure what your Homunculus should do when it encounter monsters in the game. Generally it's best to set Basic Behavior to Attack (Medium) or Attack (High) so that your Homunculus will aggro on all the monsters within its sight.

    To configure how your Homunculus uses its attack skills, click the dropdown lists on Use Attack Skills and Skill Class. Some Homunculus skills such as Caprice [​IMG] and Moonlight [​IMG] may have a long cooldown/reuse delay when the Homunculus autocasts them.

    The Rescue dropdown list tells your Homunculus whether to change target to a monster that attacks itself, its owner, its owner's Mercenary, characters in the friend list, or all of them. This is useful to ensure that your Homunculus will draw the mob's aggro to itself, thus allowing you to wipe out the mob from a safe distance.

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