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    RagniteRo will celebrate a Pascua Event during the month of April, new costume headgears with a "bunny" tematic will be available until April 30th.

    1. Talk to the Pascua Machine (prontera 162,178) to participate in the event.

    2. In order to activate the Pascua Machine you must gather 2 Pascua Eggs:

    [​IMG] Pascua Lunatic ( 1x / 10~15 min )
    - [​IMG] Pascua Egg - 60% Item drop

    [​IMG] Respawn on Maps:

    + Payon Field 03
    + Prontera Field 00
    + Prontera Field 01
    + Prontera Field 02
    + Prontera Field 05
    + Prontera Field 06
    + Prontera Field 08
    [​IMG] Hidden Egg NPC
    Find the hidden NPC and it will reward you with 1 Pascua Egg, after that it will change its location:

    - Prontera
    - Morroc
    - Geffen
    - Payon
    - Alberta
    3. Talk to the Pascua Machine again when you have 2 Pascua Eggs.

    4. The Machine will give you a [​IMG] Cracked Buckler, equip the shield and talk to the machine one last time.

    5. The Pascua Machine will refine your shield and will reward you based on the refinament.

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