Patch 1.21 Notes [Wolfchev Laboratory, Stalker update]

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    Hi. Have a almost spooky Halloween! We're shipping some pretty big changes to Stalkers this patch, by completing a Skill quest this job will be allowed to copy up to 2 differents skills. Thanatos Weapon can be enchanted with two simultaneous bonuses using Gray Shards from the instance Ghost Palace. New commands available, inclusing the Channel System that replaces the traditional broadcast system. The new Halloween Contest also makes sure that players not only focus on hunting monsters but also have fun disguising your character!


    [​IMG] Wedding Ring
    Brides and Grooms should trade these rings after the wedding is completed to unlock Wedding skills.

    [​IMG] Alovera
    Added to the Cash Shop (Supplies) at the Main Room.

    [​IMG] Box of Resentment
    Added to the Telma consumables at the Battleground lobby.

    [​IMG] Cursed Water
    Displays an icon for Shadow Elemental Weapon with its timer included.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Elemental Converters
    Displays an icon for Elemental Weapon with its original mechanics, according to its element.
    Note: Currently use the same mechanics and displays the same icon as Endow enchantments.

    [​IMG] Horror Toy Factory Event!
    During this patch the drop chance of Bloody Coins has been increased by 50%.

    Note: Recommended @autoloot 15 during the event.


    Balance Changes

    [​IMG] Desert Twilight
    Fixed combo effect with Sandstorm and the Quest version of Desert Twilight.

    [​IMG] Costume Sigrun Wing
    Fixed the costume position from Upper to Middle costume.

    [​IMG] Costume Community Headgers
    Fixed the sprite of the headgears on the Costume Cash Shop.

    [​IMG] Parade Hat [1]
    The description related to the autocast function was clarified.

    [​IMG] Celine's Brooch [1]
    Quest moved to the All for One NPC.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Sprint Set
    Fixed the reduction of after-cast delay of the complete set to its description.

    [​IMG] Alchemy Glove [1]
    Fixed the Fire Bolt and Fire Ball autocast while physically attacking.
    [​IMG][​IMG] Double Elemental Sword (Assassin Cross)
    Fixed the number of Bolts casted while using two Elemental Swords.
    [​IMG] The official mechanic of these swords according to Kro is to cast up to a chain of 7 Bolts.
    [​IMG] It correctly procs a chain of 7 Bolts instead of 15 Bolts while initiating with a Cold Bolt.
    [​IMG] Earth Spike was the most powerful skill of the Elemental Chain, to preserve this mechanic the Wizard update is implemented on this same patch.

    [​IMG] Assassin Cross using this build remain viable, defensive equipment should be replaced by Int/Matk or Auto-cast equipment/cards. [Ex: Celine's Brooch, Alchemy Glove, etc]
    Due to a bug on the emulation the double Elemental Swords was spamming more bolts than intended. The behavior of a maximum of 7 Bolts was confirmed on Kro.

    Gravity Equipment

    [​IMG] New Wave Sunglasses [0]
    Class: Middle Headgear
    Defense: 0
    Effect: Reduces the after-cast delay by 10%.
    Jobs: Every Job

    All for One Shop

    [​IMG] Baron's Evil Eye [1]
    Class: Middle Headgear
    Defense: 0
    Effect: Reduces the after-cast delay by 5%.
    Increases the SP cost of skills by 5%.
    Jobs: Every Job
    Wolfchev's Laboratory

    [​IMG] Ancient Gold Ornament [1]
    Class: Upper Headgear
    Defense: 3

    Effect: When base level is 250 or higher, All Stats +2.
    Reduce damage from Demi-Human monster by 5%.
    [Swordman, Merchant, Thief, Ninja, Star Gladiator]

    ATK +8%
    [Mage, Acolyte, Soul Linker]

    MATK +8%, increases the effectiveness of your healing skills by 7%.
    [Archer, Gunslinger]

    Dex +3, long ranged physical damage +10%.
    Jobs: Every Job


    Balance Changes

    [​IMG] Faceworms Cards
    Fixed the art of the cards, is can be displayed with the View option.

    [​IMG] Geffen Magic Tournament Cards
    Fixed the art of the cards, the art still pending on the Kro interface.

    [​IMG] High Priest Card
    Updated the exclusive effect for Priests and High Priests while using the card.
    Enable use of Level 3 Providence, but adds a 30 seconds to the cooldown of this ability. ⇒ Enable use of Level 2 Providence.

    [​IMG] Nidhoggur Shadow Card
    Fixed the description and effect ⇒ Int +5.
    Has a 5% chance of casting Level 10 Stone Curse or Level 8 Sleep Attack on enemies each time the wearer receives magical damage.


    [​IMG] Wizard
    The update to the following skills affects all jobs classes, monsters, equipment and items that can use/autocast the skill Earth Spike.

    [​IMG] Earth Spike (Official Kro update)
    Increased damage of each Earth Element Spike from 100% Matk ⇒ 200% Matk.

    [​IMG] Stalker
    The Stalker update removes the use of Trans. skills from Plagiarism, but adds the possibility to copy a second skill, Reproduce. Melee stalkers can temporary autocast the copied skills by activating Shadow Spell.

    [​IMG] Plagiarism
    This skill has been returned to its original state, this means not to plagiarize Transcendent job skills.

    [​IMG] Reproduce
    Learn the last skill that was inflicted by an enemy.Using the skill again will cancel this effect and the user will preserve the newly acquired skill.

    [​IMG] This skills does not copy Monster Exclusive skills or Transcedent skills.
    [​IMG] Copied skills also carry the requirements to be used. (Item Requirements, Weapon Requirements, etc.)
    [​IMG] Caster can learn only one skill and level learned depends on Reproduce's skill level.
    [​IMG] Reproduced skills uses twice the SP than normal.

    [​IMG] Shadow Spell
    Magic skills learned through intimidate and reproduce can be auto cast while physically attacking.

    [​IMG] Not noted in the skill description is that Extended class skills cannot be auto cast.
    [​IMG] This skill does not work with bows.
    [​IMG] This skill only works on melee attack, this excludes reflect attack.
    [​IMG] Auto-casting skills that require catalysts (or other criteria) are still necessary.
    [​IMG] Does not auto cast skills that are hybrid attack/magic. E.g. Grand Cross.
    [​IMG] Cannot auto cast holy spells eg. Holy Light (Acolyte) and Magnus Exorcismus (Priest) with exception of Heal (Acolyte).


    [​IMG] Wedding [Prontera's Church]
    Increased the cost of the wedding to represent a small investment, from 1,200,000 zeny ⇒ 5,200,000 zeny.
    Fixed the wedding NPCs for all kind of weddings.

    [​IMG] Wedding Dealer [Main Room]
    Added Diamond Ring to the items for sale.

    [​IMG] Geffen Op. Enchanter [Instance]
    Geffen Magic Tournament no longer removes equipment's refinement level while enchanting.
    Added [​IMG] 1x Silvervine Fruit (Vote Shop) as a requirement.

    [​IMG] Geffen Tournament Healer
    Removes debuff effects and recovers HP/SP at the end of each round.

    [​IMG] Gray Shard Dealer
    The NPC has been moved closer to the Ghost Palace instance on the Heroes' Trails - 2nd Floor.

    [​IMG] Thanatos Weapon Enchantment
    Thanatos Weapons can be enchanted with two random enchantments at the same time investing Gray Shards.

    Melee Weapons Enchants:
    [​IMG] Thanatos Dagger [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Sword [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Great Sword [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Axe [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Hammer [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Spear [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Long Spear [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Katar [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Knuckle [2]

    Magic Weapons Enchants:
    [​IMG]Thanatos Staff [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Double Staff [2]

    Ranged Weapons Enchants:
    [​IMG]Thanatos Bow [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Violin [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Whip [2]

    [​IMG] Cash Shop: Party Scrolls
    High Priest party scrolls can be bought at Prontera by investing Cash shop as an alternative method to obtain the scrolls.

    Party Scroll Merchant (prontera 167, 230)

    [​IMG] Halloween Decorations
    Decorative NPCs and a permanent night will be implemented during October.

    [​IMG] Halloween Costume Contest (Event)
    Dress up your character and post a screenshot of your costume in the forum!

    [​IMG] Costume Monthly Box (October)
    A special box that contains a costume headgear according to the list of the month (Main Room).

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    [​IMG] @cooldown / @instance (Command)
    Displays the available instances for your current character.


    [​IMG] @battlestats (Command)
    Displays useful information (calculated) of the current character.


    [​IMG] Channel System
    All players automatically join the following chat channel upon login: #global, #support, #trade.

    @join "#channel_name"
    @channel leave "#channel_name"

    [​IMG] Bio Laboratory Dungeon
    Increased the HP of the MvPs (BioLab 3) by 1,000,000 and MvPs (BioLab 4) by 2,000,000.
    Improved the AI and HP of the MvP's Slaves to attack all enemies in their respective range.

    [​IMG] Wolfchev's Laboratory (Instance)
    Wolfchev's experiments are destabilizing, stop the mad scientist and his creations before it's too late.

    [​IMG] Ghost Palace (Instance)
    Increased the difficulty of the instance and the amount of Gray Shards obtained per run.

    Total Average: 20 Gray Shards ⇒ 30 Gray Shards
    Recommended Autoloot: 20% ⇒ 30%
    MvP Reward: 2 Gray Shards ⇒ 4 Gray Shards
    Quest Reward: 2 Gray Shards


    [​IMG] War of Emperium
    Disabled Dual Clients inside WoE 1.0 and WoE 2.0 castles to motivate a fairer competition.

    [​IMG] Minimum Packet "Delay" (Prevent cheating)
    A new security tool is implemented to prevent third party programs by disabling Network packets with a delay lower than 200 milliseconds (ms) or 250 milliseconds for skills with long animations [Example: Thunder Storm].

    An Average person has an average speed of 333ms.
    Experienced players, above the average, can reach a speed of 250ms.
    Under certain situations (low ping, good reflexes, animation cancellation) a player can have a speed of 200ms.
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