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    [​IMG] Wedding Ring
    Brides and Grooms should trade these rings after the wedding is completed to unlock Wedding skills.

    [​IMG] Cursed Water
    Displays an icon for Shadow Elemental Weapon with its timer included.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Elemental Converters
    Displays an icon for Elemental Weapon with its original mechanics, according to its element.
    Note: Currently use the same mechanics and displays the same icon as Endow enchantments.


    Balance Changes

    [​IMG] Desert Twilight
    Fixed combo effect with Sandstorm and the Quest version of Desert Twilight.

    [​IMG] Costume Sigrun Wing
    Fixed the costume position from Upper to Middle costume.

    [​IMG] Costume Community Headgers
    Fixed the sprite of the headgears on the Costume Cash Shop.

    [​IMG] Alchemy Glove [1]
    Fixed the Fire Bolt and Fire Ball autocast while physically attacking.
    [​IMG][​IMG] Double Elemental Sword (Assassin Cross)
    Fixed the number of Bolts casted while using two Elemental Swords.
    [​IMG] The official mechanic of these swords according to Kro is to cast up to a chain of 7 Bolts.
    [​IMG] It correctly procs a chain of 7 Bolts instead of 15 Bolts while initiating with a Cold Bolt.
    [​IMG] Earth Spike was the most powerful skill of the Elemental Chain, to preserve this mechanic the Wizard update is implemented on this same patch.

    [​IMG] Assassin Cross using this build remain viable, defensive equipment should be replaced by Int/Matk or Auto-cast equipment/cards. [Ex: Celine's Brooch, Alchemy Glove, etc]
    Due to a bug on the emulation the double Elemental Swords was spamming more bolts than intended. The behavior of a maximum of 7 Bolts was confirmed on Kro.


    [​IMG] Faceworms Cards
    Fixed the art of the cards, is can be displayed with the View option.

    [​IMG] Geffen Magic Tournament Cards
    Fixed the art of the cards, the art still pending on the Kro interface.


    [​IMG] Wizard
    The update to the following skills affects all jobs classes, monsters, equipment and items that can use/autocast the skill Earth Spike.

    [​IMG] Earth Spike (Official Kro update)
    Increased damage of each Earth Element Spike from 100% Matk ⇒ 200% Matk.

    [​IMG] Stalker
    The Stalker update removes the use of Trans. skills from Plagiarism, but adds the possibility to copy a second skill, Reproduce. Melee stalkers can temporary autocast the copied skills by activating Shadow Spell.

    [​IMG] Plagiarism
    This skill has been returned to its original state, this means not to plagiarize Transcendent job skills.

    [​IMG] Reproduce
    Learn the last skill that was inflicted by an enemy.Using the skill again will cancel this effect and the user will preserve the newly acquired skill.

    [​IMG] This skills does not copy Monster Exclusive skills or Transcedent skills.
    [​IMG] Copied skills also carry the requirements to be used. (Item Requirements, Weapon Requirements, etc.)
    [​IMG] Caster can learn only one skill and level learned depends on Reproduce's skill level.
    [​IMG] Reproduced skills uses twice the SP than normal.

    [​IMG] Shadow Spell
    Magic skills learned through intimidate and reproduce can be auto cast while physically attacking.

    [​IMG] Not noted in the skill description is that Extended class skills cannot be auto cast.
    [​IMG] This skill does not work with bows.
    [​IMG] This skill only works on melee attack, this excludes reflect attack.
    [​IMG] Auto-casting skills that require catalysts (or other criteria) are still necessary.
    [​IMG] Does not auto cast skills that are hybrid attack/magic. E.g. Grand Cross.
    [​IMG] Cannot auto cast holy spells eg. Holy Light (Acolyte) and Magnus Exorcismus (Priest) with exception of Heal (Acolyte).


    [​IMG] Wedding [Prontera's Church]
    Increased the cost of the wedding to represent a small investment, from 1,200,000 zeny ⇒ 5,200,000 zeny.
    Fixed the wedding NPCs for all kind of weddings.

    [​IMG] Wedding Dealer [Main Room]
    Added Diamond Ring to the items for sale.

    [​IMG] Geffen Op. Enchanter [Instance]
    Geffen Magic Tournament no longer removes equipment's refinement level while enchanting.
    Added [​IMG] 1x Silvervine Fruit (Vote Shop) as a requirement.

    [​IMG] Geffen Tournament Healer
    Removes debuff effects and recovers HP/SP at the end of each round.

    [​IMG] Gray Shard Dealer
    The NPC has been moved closer to the Ghost Palace instance on the Heroes' Trails - 2nd Floor.

    [​IMG] Thanatos Weapon Enchantment
    Thanatos Weapons can be enchanted with two random enchantments at the same time investing Gray Shards.

    Melee Weapons Enchants:
    [​IMG] Thanatos Dagger [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Sword [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Great Sword [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Axe [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Hammer [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Spear [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Long Spear [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Katar [2]
    [​IMG] Thanatos Knuckle [2]

    Magic Weapons Enchants:
    [​IMG]Thanatos Staff [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Double Staff [2]

    Ranged Weapons Enchants:
    [​IMG]Thanatos Bow [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Violin [2]
    [​IMG]Thanatos Whip [2]


    [​IMG] @cooldown / @instance (Command)
    Displays the available instances for your current character.

    [​IMG] @battlestats (Command)
    Displays useful information (calculated) of the current character.

    [​IMG] Channel System
    All players automatically join the following chat channel upon login: #global, #support, #trade.

    [​IMG] Ghost Palace (Instance)
    Increased the difficulty of the instance and the amount of Gray Shards obtained per run.

    Total Average: 20 Gray Shards ⇒ 30 Gray Shards
    Recommended Autoloot: 20% ⇒ 30%
    MvP Reward: 2 Gray Shards ⇒ 4 Gray Shards
    Quest Reward: 2 Gray Shards


    [​IMG] War of Emperium
    Disabled Dual Clients inside WoE 1.0 and WoE 2.0 castles to motivate a fairer competition.

    [​IMG] Minimum Packet "Delay" (Prevent cheating)
    A new security tool is implemented to prevent third party programs by disabling Network packets with a delay lower than 200 milliseconds (ms) or 250 milliseconds for skills with long animations [Example: Thunder Storm].

    An Average person has an average speed of 333ms.
    Experienced players, above the average, can reach a speed of 250ms.
    Under certain situations (low ping, good reflexes, animation cancellation) a player can have a speed of 200ms.
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