Summer Event: Beach Party!

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    Summer Event: Beach Party!

    The RagniteRo Summer Event is open every few hours for the duration of ten minutes.
    To join in on the event, talk to the Summer Knight in Prontera or go directly to Jawaii during the open hours to participate on the Mini Games and win Summer Fes Coins!

    Summer Knight (prontera 161,178)

    [​IMG] Summer Festival Coins

    The Mini Games of the Summer Event trade in a special Summer Festival Coins currency that is only available on Jawaii.
    You can hold a maximum of 30,000 Summer Coins on your character.
    These coins are Account bound items, you can transfer them between the characters of your account.


    Initially these coins must be obtained from the Pourings by 5.00% drop chance or by the Pori Pori (Poring Village) with 100% drop chance, once you have enough coins to play the Mini games you can simply keep playing them every few hours.

    Pouring (Poring Village or Malangdo Dungeon)

    Summer Festival Shop

    You can talk with the Captain of the Summer Event in Jawaii to exchange your Coins for items:

    Available Items: Summer Fes Coins

    [​IMG] Vermilion on the Beach - [​IMG] x10 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Summer Festival Fireworks - [​IMG] x20 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Cool Summer Outfit - [​IMG] x100 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Beach Sandals - [​IMG] x1500 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Beach Manteau [1] - [​IMG] x1500 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Marin Egg - [​IMG] x2000 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Little Poring Egg - [​IMG] x2000 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Beach Towel [1] - [​IMG] x2500 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Summer Sandals [1] - [​IMG] x2500 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Poring Balloon Capsule - [​IMG] x3000 Summer Fes Coins
    [​IMG] Swimming Suit [1] - [​IMG] x6000 Summer Fes Coins

    Summer Fes Shop (Jawaii 236,177)

    Description of exclusive Summer Event items

    [​IMG] Summer Festival Fireworks
    An entertainment explosive that split in 4 mini fireworks in the sky when it is lit.

    [​IMG] Cool Summer Outfit
    This refreshing outfit truly is the sidearm of an experienced adventurer.

    [​IMG] Marin Egg
    An egg in which a Marin Pet rests. Reduces damage taken from Water element attacks by 2%.

    [​IMG] Little Poring Egg
    An egg in which a Baby Poring Cute Pet rests. Increases natural HP regeneration by 50%.

    [​IMG] Beach Towel [1]
    Class: Garment
    Defense: 2
    Effect: Mdef +5, Flee Rate +7.
    Reduces damage taken from Neutral elemental attack by 7%.
    Jobs: All classes

    [​IMG] Beach Towel [1]
    Class: Footgear
    Defense: 4
    Effect: Flee Rate +5.
    Has a 5% chance to autocast Level 10 Increase Agility when receiving physical attacks.
    Jobs: All classes

    [​IMG] Summer Event Rewards
    A capsule with a random Poring Balloon inside. This is item is only obtainable during the summer event.

    [​IMG] Poring Balloon
    [​IMG] Poporing Balloon
    [​IMG] Drops Balloon
    [​IMG] Marin Balloon
    [​IMG] Metaling Balloon
    [​IMG] Pouring Balloon
    [​IMG] Goldring Balloon
    [​IMG] Angeling Balloon
    [​IMG] Arc Angeling Balloon
    [​IMG] Deviling Balloon
    [​IMG] Ghostring Balloon
    [​IMG] Nekoring Balloon
    [​IMG] Jinn Poring Balloon (New)
    [​IMG] Jinn Marin Balloon (New)
    [​IMG] Costume Happy Ballon (New)

    [​IMG] Swimming Suit [1]
    Class: Armor
    Defense: 1
    Effect: Str +2, Int +2, Mdef +3.
    Reduces damage taken from Water elemental attack by 10%.
    Jobs: All classes

    Summer Mini Games

    Talk to the Summer Guide to know more information about the Summer Fes Coins or to know the exact position of the Mini Games in your minimap.

    Summer Guide (Jawaii 233,191)

    [​IMG] Poring Fortune Teller

    Cost: [​IMG] x2 Summer Fes Coins
    Reward: [​IMG]x12 Summer Fes Coins
    Description: Your future will be decided by Monster cards,any Poring-type card will bring you good luck.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Poring Fortune (Jawaii)
    [​IMG][​IMG] Gamble Master

    Cost: [​IMG] x4 Summer Fes Coins
    Reward: [​IMG]x20 Summer Fes Coins
    Description: Beat the Master in at least 2 rounds of the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

    Gamble Master (Jawaii)

    [​IMG] Find the Treasure

    Cost: [​IMG] x1 Summer Fes Coins
    Reward: [​IMG]x1~x5 Summer Fes Coins
    Description: Find the hidden holes on the beach of Jawaii and dig to find a treasure or even more Coins!

    Hidden fissures

    [​IMG]Crystal Chaos

    Cost: [​IMG] x3 Summer Fes Coins
    Reward: [​IMG]x20 Summer Fes Coins
    Delay: 60 Seconds per player
    Description: Follow the shadows under the Crystals, and when they stop moving, select which shadow you think it stopped on!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Crystal Chaos (Jawaii)

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